Welcome to YogaMedics

YogaMedics is a program designed by clinical experts and specialists. YogaMedics harnesses the expertise of physicians, psychologists, scientists, and yoga instructors in order to create yoga postures and script which work to accomplish specific clinical goals.

YogaMedics is a customized, medically-based program that enhances overall health, rehabilitates physical–and even mental–injuries, and proactively protects against future injury and illness. The programs are diverse in nature, and they address both the physical and psychological needs of various medical conditions. All YogaMedics protocols are evidence-based, consistent with traditional clinical treatment models, and delivered by trained and certified YogaMedics expert professionals.

YogaMedics implements an integrative approach that incorporates elements of clinical therapy with the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Emphasis is placed on both the physiological benefits: increased oxygen, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and muscle strength; and the psychological benefits: pain control, personal empowerment, building coping mechanisms, stress relief, relapse prevention, and relaxation.

YogaMedics assists patients by using messages of empowerment to help them achieve relaxed physical and mental states. Once relaxed and comfortable, patients can then learn to concentrate on healing their specific medical condition by utilizing physical movement, breath work, and self-compassion. Through healing specific conditions with these techniques, patients ultimately rejuvenate their overall health and well being.  Furthermore, YogaMedics not only offers one-on-one sessions, but also group classes where the support of others in the room provides enhanced therapeutic benefits, encouragement, and support.